Impact of Organisational Distance on Technology Standard Alliance Performance: The Mediating Role of Ambidextrous learning

  • 04 29, 2023
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  • Author:Hong Jiang, Jinlong Gai, Chen Chen, Ye Yuan


Technology standards are key elements for enterprises to dominate a market. The globalisation of innovation has intensified standard competition, making it generally difficult for a single enterprise to obtain all the resources needed to develop standards. Therefore, enterprises actively join technology standard alliances (TSAs) to seek collaborative innovation and develop technology standards to gain more competitive advantages. This study addresses a crucial issue for enterprises in TSAs and attempts to help them overcome the confines of organisational distance (OD) and improve technology standard alliance performance (TSAP). Through an empirical study of 325 Chinese information and manufacturing enterprises participating in TSAs, we find that OD negatively affects TSAP, and that exploratory learning (ERL) and exploitative learning (EIL) play mediating roles in the relationship between OD and TSAP. The innovation climate (IC) plays a moderating role in the relationship between OD and ERL, and OD and EIL. The results might deepen the understanding of OD in the context of TSAs and have implications for enterprise standardisation practices.

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