Evaluation and Dynamics Mechanism of the Smart Specialization Level in China’s Regional Manufacturing Industry

  • 05 09, 2022
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  • Author:Rumeng Deng, Shuhua Zhong


  Smart specialization, as an important concept in regional policy, has presented greater vitality in both theory and practice. To assess smart specialization at three different levels—smart level, specialization level, and coupling level—this paper develops an index system. We statically evaluate the level of smart specialization in the manufacturing industry in the 30 provinces and municipalities on China's mainland using the entropy weight-TOPSIS method and then use a system dynamics model to examine the dynamic development characteristics of the level of smart specialization in each region. The findings indicate that there are considerable regional differences in the development level and speed of smart specialization among provinces and municipalities. The development of the smart specialization level of manufacturing follows a “logarithmic index” curve in terms of its shape. The level of industrial smart specialization is positively impacted by the level of industrial smartness, specialization and coupling; however, this effect is critical in scale and nature. To achieve the best effects from the development of manufacturing smart specialization, a continuous, dynamic, and integrated intervention mix should be established.

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