Research on the Influencing Factors of Gerontechnology Acceptance by Seniors: A Case Study of Beijing Elderly Citizens

  • 12 18, 2021
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  • Author:Lucheng Huang, Xiaoyu Li, Xin Li, Yang Wen, Fei Yuan
        Based on the framework of social cognition theory, this paper proposed a systematic gerontechnology acceptance model for older people from both environmental and personal factors. Taking the Beijing senior citizens as an example, we used questionnaire survey data analysis and structural equation modeling methods to conduct empirical research that explores the factors affecting the willingness of the Beijing senior citizens to use gerontechnology and to examine the relationships among these factors. Results show that – in terms of personal factors – self-satisfaction, perceived usefulness and cognitive ability have a significant positive impact on the elderly’s intended uptake of gerontechnology; in terms of environmental factors, social influence not only directly affects the elderly’s intended use, but these elements can also shape the proposed use by influencing personal factors. We noted that facilitating conditions have only an indirect effect on the way of older people’s plan to use gerontechnology. The results confirmed the rationality and effectiveness of applying social cognition theory to study the behavior of seniors’ acceptance of gerontechnology. Based on the research results, we proposed some suggestions to promote better research and development of gerontechnology for the elderly in Beijing.

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