A Case Study on the Mechanism of University-Industry Collaboration to Improve Enterprise Technological Capabilities from the Perspective of Capability Structure

  • 12 18, 2020
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  • Author:Guilong Zhu, Minrong Wen, Xia Fan, Mingze Zhou


  Weak applied generic technological capability is the root cause for the hollowing-out of core technologies of industries in China, and the fundamental cause for the poor independent innovation and absorptive capabilities of the enterprise. This paper systematically analyzes the important role of university-industry collaboration in improving the corporate generic technologies based on the structure conduct-performance (SCP) framework from the perspective of capability structure. Through theoretical derivation and analysis of the case of Kingfa, it proposes that the technological capability structure of enterprises has experienced an evolutionary process from “proprietary technology” to “proprietary technology and applied generic technology” and finally to “applied generic technology and basic generic technology” and that university-industry collaboration model correspondingly presents a change process from “auxiliary” to “complementary and auxiliary” and to “complementary”, which positively affects the innovation output and the performance in the innovation process, showing a spiral escalation trajectory as a whole. Finally, it puts forward three policy optimization directions to help improve the enterprise generic technological capabilities: (1) further enhancing the corporate innovation capacity building and recognition of the position of entities, and establishing a multi-level university-industry collaboration system; (2) actively exploring new systems and mechanisms for the construction of high-end cutting-edge R&D institutions jointly participated by enterprises and universities; (3) promoting the comprehensive reform of the science and technology management system from aspects of market, finance and entrepreneurial environment.

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